Saturday, September 06, 2008

Something nasty in the air

Aidan's not well.

Woke up with a hoarse voice and his cough sounded as if he was barking. I was afraid it may turn croupy so I didn't send him to kinder, and booked him in to see the doc. I have a scratchy throat myself but it's nothing. By mid-morning, he sounded fine again.

Still, I didn't want to take the chance as it was the weekend. No regular doctor, have to see someone else, charge extra, bleh bleh bleh. Lucky thing I didn't cancel. Doc checked his throat and found it to be a little inflamed, and I thought, just great, I hope he won't have a fever coming up. Temperature was looming around the 37 degree Celsius mark. Whaddaya know?! My boy who never sleeps in the afternoon slept, and woke up with a fever.

I rather him be unwell now and get over it because for the rest of the month we have things to do. Time for kinder pics again next week, then birthday, and then a weekend away with a few friends at Blairgowrie.

Daddy is always quick with the ear thermometer and a cool sponge whenever there's a fever, mind you, only for his son, not me, and checking the temperature every half an hour or so. therefore I don't have to worry much :P

Nasty Melbourne air. Less than a week we are back and my cuticles are cracking up again. Plus Aidan's eczema returned where as he had silky smooth skin when we were away. Having said that, I don't feel as bloated here compared to Malaysia, and somehow feel slimmer here.

And at least my make-up doesn't melt!

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Simple American said...

Hope Aidan kicks this bug quickly. But hats off to your hubby and the thermometer. Well done, eh!

Cracking cuticles sounds kinda painful too. 0_o