Monday, September 08, 2008

Feeling Fruity

I have been told by the lady who massaged me while I was in KL and hit my back as if she's seen her worst sworn enemy to go natural. Upon looking at the colour of my nailbeds, she shook her head as asked me if I consume anything instant.

Unsure of what she asked me, I requested for a definition. She then said 'Instant coffee? Nescafe? Milo? Instant breakfasts such as cereals, instant noodles? *Amazed!* Heck! I am an INSTANT WOMAN, for crying out loud! And I embarassingly smiled and nodded my head.

So she gave me a good lecture and told me to brew my coffee if I really need that caffeine fix, and cook my oatmeals instead. DON'T BE LAZY! Boohoooohooooooo...... Alright, alright, I guess I can start brewing my coffee. How I wish I can get the Chiang Jiang or the Ipoh white coffee beans instead of the Mat Sallehs' ones. I like local coffee better in this case. Christmas wishlist, coffee machine.

I also met up with a good friend in KL and upon seeing her after two years, her face looked radiant. I asked her what happened, and her answer is plain and simple. I sleep early. Errr.... How early leh? 10pm wor..... WHAT THE??!!! I cannot possibly do that lar!! Also she said she drinks a glass of fresh fruit juice every morning. Aaahhh... this, perhaps, I thought, I can do. Anything cheap, anything in season in the market, doesn't matter what kind of fruit, but she mixes some lemon juice in.

So, hubby thought I've gone GAGA when he saw this:

Lemon and ginger not in pic, bleh. But he isn't complaining when he gets to drink it too.



I think we go "instant" when we have to make it ourselves .. cos if we have maid or someone else at home making it for us, of course I also like fresh juice every morning! cos me also the lazy time .. also no time ler ...

mama bok said...

I'm an instant woman too..!! and we donch get fruit juice here.. unless we make them ourselves..! darn troublesome leh..!!