Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chickee Feet Batman Chocolaty Lick!

I guess my title of the post summed it all up. This is the Batman costume I bought from KL pasar malam, and my sister wouldn't allow him to wear it over there. Pantang hitam.

And here is Batman playing the harmonica. He had been bugging me for one eversince he saw it in a catalogue the evening before. He was a little clingy and didn't want me to go to work. I told him I'll get him one if he behaved. Unfortunately, he said he wanted to follow me to work and to buy the harmonica! Somehow, due to his short attention span (not a good thing but good in this instance!) he 'allowed' me to go to work peacefully.

There is a music shop near where I work and I got him one. This morning, he woke up and said Mama, I want poopoopoopoo monica! (poopoopoo as in blowing the harmonica). Lucky thing I meant what I said! Not that I don't, but some of us usually say yes just to get the kids quiet, and hoping somehow they will forget it the next day? He remembered!

Home-made chocolate licky dip :)

Batman enjoying his afternoon snack.


goolypop said...

Oh so hanshem... :)

I bought a lauyar harmonica at Queen Vic's market for Gooly. It was AUD1, i think.. Such simple things to make such big smiles huh?


Oh really ... we can find such a costume in kl pasarmalam? can share with me where ... would love to make fun with my toddler .. hahaha. thanks for sharing.

sting said...

hahahaha!! the costume plus the chickee feet is hilarious!!!

mama bok said...

So handsome..!! can match make liao..!