Saturday, September 13, 2008

Alphabets in the tandas

Aidan has got this habit of reading a book in the toilet whenever he does his No.2 Sometimes it will be his Dinosaur book, sometimes trucks, Thomas range, or a hardcover book about some yummy food.

Yesterday he decided he will read, AND PLAY, with this book that has some flat magnetic alphabets that look like fridge magnets. Obviously I didn't know about it until he yelled out in such a way, after I heard something dropped on the toilet floor. I thought to myself Darn, something must have fell in. I hope he hasn't poo-ed yet.

Now I am not called Domestic Engineer for nothing. He mucks up, I fix it. The job is tough and I am both physically and intellectually challenged. I went to the toilet and the look he gave me was priceless. It was a shocked, surprised face, with the word devastation written all over it. One that was helpless and he started crying his eyes out. He thought he would never get them back. He looked down the toilet bowl, with alphabets stacked together in perhaps five or six, through between his legs, and looked at me again, all the while bawling. So, what do I do? It was such a funny sight. I knew he was genuinely upset but I couldn't help teasing him.

Oh no! All gone, Mummy flush the toilet?! He cried louder.

I looked down the toilet bowl. Great. Poo. Let's put it this way. He was kind enough to excrete a poo that was smooth and clean. Eewww... what do I do? Put my hand in, turn my face the other way, and rescue those alphabets? No way! Mind went blank for a while. Then the lightbulb lit up.

Disposable glove. Life saver. Mama to the rescue, bubba happy, but not without crying for another five minutes. I must be his hero for the day.


mama bok said...

Awww.. !! poor Aidan..!! but yes.. they are so funny.. ! good habit to read too eh. My brat.. wouldn't even sit for a min..! poop once .. done.. she said..!
Sorry .. i haven't been around lately.. with the brat in school and all.. and my surgeries.. i'm still recovering.. it's tiring.

Anonymous said...

wahhhhhhhh...u terrer la..i would not immerse my hand in even with disposable gloves! ewwww..remember this thingy we have in malaysia, the long black apparatus where they use to pick charcoal or rubbish..neh the scissors looking thingy but can pick up stuff ge leh...dunno the name la..

Wonderful Life said...

Wow!! If I were you I would have vomited already!!

But I think it will my turn to do that pretty soon! :P

Sweetpea said...

hey mamabok, don't apologize for your health. we are bloggers but we are still our ownselves with things to do :)

amah - i know which one lar, the 'than kim' to pick up charcoals, my mum used it to pick up dead rats :P

wonderful life - thanks for the comment. i cannot get access to your site. anyway, u'll get used to that once you've reached a certain stage :)

L'abeille said...

Hahah now that's funny how a super mama saves the day!

But the not-so-funny part was... I was eating peanut butter sandwich while reading :s kekekekek