Monday, September 15, 2008

Serial Sales Shopper - Guilty!

I didn't realize I accumulated this much clothing for Aidan until I springcleaned his wardrobe a few days back. Whenever there was a sale, I would buy, thinking, Aidan will need this next season. That's the problem with shopping over here though, we need good timing to stock up for cheaper clothings, like buying them at the beginning of the next season, e.g. summer clothings in autumn or winter clothings in spring.

This is not all, mind you. These are only the ones with tags, there are others which are given as presents and old hand-me-downs. I seem to conveniently forget that unlike a girl who can play dress up, Aidan has more than enough. I should be really mindful of what I buy from now on. Come to think of it, I do have enough warm clothes for him for next winter.

So, Aidan now has a full new set of spring wear, thanks to Mama's reckless spending and Gu Che's pampering. She is also a serial sales shopper, but much better than I am, because she always manage to find REAL GOOD bargains!


Chizmosa said...

Same here, whenever there is a sale, I got a compulsive attempt to buy those clothes even though I know I don't really need them now... but I keep on reminding myself that I might need the new clothing in the future. Buying new clothes is like an achievement to me ;0

mott said...

ERr...ya man.

I went through the stuff u gave me...

OMG!!! There's so much!! I can't believe Aidan outgrew them all so FAST!!!!!!!

He's amazing! What are you feeding him????!!!

Shern's mom said...

Truly a serial sale shopper.