Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September is the month of Virgo Love

The two loves of my life are Virgos, what else can I say? Although the old Virgo's birthday was last month, our wedding anniversary is soon approaching.

Any tips on what to get an old fella like him? Heh. Bear in mind suggestions must be reasonable, within my ability to dig into what's left in my bank account. Just got back from holiday marrr.... boh sui. (No money)

Having said that, am also cracking my brain to organize a last minute mini birthday party for the young Virgo. After considering the pros and cons for holding one at an indoor playhouse and the bowling centre, we settled for our teeny meeny unit. Nothing elaborate, I wish I can invite lots and lotsa little friends, but it has to be only a handful. Who else but the snow trip lot and a couple of other families. Ni ler, semua kawan depa. I ni sempoi aje, senang blend in kawan dia, tapi dia ni susah skit nak blend in I punya kawan pulak. Adalah dia tanya tentang kawan-kawan lain anak kita, but I cannot possibly sit down and yak with friends on that day. At least with his 'kakinang' group, I can go around getting my knickers in knots without having to worry about hosting.

Lots to plan, lots to buy! Gotta budget! Don't overspend!

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