Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A PS3 weekend for the boys

I am very excited about the trip to Blairgowrie at the end of the month. Four ex-schoolmates, along with our families, staying under one roof. That is a perfect getaway.

The girls, will cook and yak, take a walk along the Sorrento shops, maybe I'll indulge in one of those body treatment sessions. The boys, well, we will have to see if anyone is interested in golf. Other than that, there is wine appreciation courses, jog along the beach, or just fire up a barbeque for a lovely dinner.

And it goes without saying, the indispensable PS3 will be right there in the lounge room. I just can't understand why boys can't go without their gadgets, and I hope the older ones will not fight with a teenage boy for their turns. Well, at least it's something that will keep hubby entertained!

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