Saturday, October 04, 2008

Eat my share

I didn't even realize when my colleague took time off work for her Jewish new year. Coincidentally, Hari Raya falls on the same days.

Then I saw all the status on Facebook wishing all Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya. Already?! Another colleague of mine, from Afghanistan, came in with the back of her hand drawn in henna, a beautiful flower. You will then realize there are so many Muslims from around the world who celebrate their new year so differently.

Some will do the fasting. Some only fast on certain days, usually Fridays. Some fast on meat. Some don't fast. It is not compulsory here. Whatever it is, they are all now celebrating the new year just like any other races, with family and friends get-together. Lots of good food.

None for me.

Can someone please send me kuih baulu, batang buruk and the one that melts in your mouth with sugar icing on it? Please don't forget the lemang and serunding.



Kok said...

Come back to M'sia lah. I would love to send you some Malaysian delicacies but it wouldn't get through the custom. Hmm...Come back come back!:D

Lian said...

Can't send to you but can eat for you. Hahaha.

WaterLearner said...

So you miss the Raya holidays in Asia huh! Come back next time then! Here Kueh Bulu for you. Wherever you are :-)

Annie Q said...

Later i sent some to you through FB ya. :P
Psstt..forgot to tell u, this week we will have a small party in the office, i sponsor to buy lemang!! I will take picture and show u ya. hahahahhaha *fast fast run away*