Monday, October 06, 2008

Last week's update

Wilkin took a sicky on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment. My plan was to go to Carribean Garden, without him of course, but since he got back early, he joined Aidan and myself. I wanted to go there for a little grocery shopping, and some PJs for Aidan. The flanalettes are cheap. $6.00 for the Spiderman set of long sleeve top and pants.

Anyway, you know guys. Some guys, I mean. Not all. My guy doesn't like shopping. Apa lagi, my plans spoiled lar. I had to shop lekas-lekas while he strolled around with Aidan. Usually I will take my time and 'smell the flowers', look see look see at the stalls, but that day I did what needed done. I guess he enjoyed himself a little taking some pics:

Saturday, we went Yum Char at Gold Leaf Burwood Highway with his friends. Becky bought Aidan a scooter for his birthday, but we already had one, so she insisted on changing the gift and hence we met up Saturday to collect it. A seating for 7 changed to 11 when Ching called and decided to tag along for lunch. See the food on the table? And that wasn't all!! We stuffed ourselves crazy.

Here is the belated add-on present. The main present is a pair of knee caps and elbow pads, which we requested. And this add-on prezzie, may I say, made Aidan very happy, but guess who did the assembly work?

Aidan happy, more work for Mummy!


janicepa said...

chickie feet !!! hahahaha...

Annie Q said...

i like the chicken feet!!!!!! i wan i wan!!