Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Locked out

From my own house. Again.

Picked Aidan up from kinder. Came home, unlocked the door, put everything inside. Usually at this time I would ask Aidan to sit outside at the steps to take off his shoes. Learned my lesson never to let him do that indoor, because he plays in the sandpit E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y! No fail!

After putting away his bag, lunch box, bla bla bla, I went out to sit with him for a while, dust his feet, pour the sand from his shoes.


The wooden door slammed shut. What the heck, it's okay. I didn't lock it.

Aidan got up to get in. Opened screen door. Proceeded to turn the knob on wooden door.

Mama, door lock.

Mm hai aarr maarr....

*Turn turn door knob*

Sei lor! Locked out! How how how?! Okay okay, should I call? No phone. Okay, can ask neighbour to pinjam phone. Call FIL or hubby? Think think think. Hmm... let me try first. Check here and there and everywhere for suitable 'kacang', finally found a pair of hair-trimming scissors at the backyard.

Twist twist twist back door, wouldn't budge. Went round to front to try on wooden door. Twist twist twist....


Phew! Just so you know, my door not so chokiau one. That is, easily opened. It was in an unlock position, when the door slammed shut, somehow the lock got senget a bit.

Must really do spare key and keep in secret place! Nothing is impossible with a five year old around.


Kok said...

Lucky you manage to get the door unlock...*phew*

Next time let me know the secret place of your key ok? haha!:P

LiL'deviL said...

I thought these situations only happen in movies...kekeke... You're very lucky though!

jazzmint said...

wah this time very lucky oo u

mott said...

eh...i aso got locked out....

had to some trickery aso, shows how easy it is to break into my home..sigh