Monday, October 13, 2008

Loyar restaurant, loyar service, loyar carpark, so-so food...

Typical Saturday evening. Either dinner out with father-in-law and family or with Ching and his family. This was one of the nights with Ching, and we booked a certain chinese restaurant in Doncaster. Advertisement mentioned how terror they are, their chefs being 'imported' from China.

The first thing about the place which we didn't like was the carpark. There just wasn't enough space! We had three cars and all had to park somewhere else.

Second was the reception. The waitresses were all 'see-lais' with minimal manners (no offence to other see-lais!).

Third was the waiittttt........ Forty five minutes for our order to be served. Wilkin and Ching was already at the reception wanting just to pay for the tea we drank, and leave, but the food finally arrived. Everything was almost self-serviced. One old couple actually left because there was no one to take their order after ten minutes. And another family actually made a huge fuss, with the lady walking up and down the place, firing at the waitresses, as if that will make the food magically appear.

The only highlight of the place was this sluttily dressed receptionist :

Everyone copped an eyeful of her G-string. I mean, it wouldn't have mattered if she worked in a karaoke bar or something like that. But in a family-orientated environment like this, with children and elderly, come on. She walked the restaurant in her stilettos, low-hipped jeans, pulling it up every now and then, but here's the plus. After pulling up her jeans, she pulled her G-string higher! Exhibitionist or what?!

Aidan didn't see that, or otherwise he would have loudly said 'Ee yer, shame shame!' and embarass the hell out of her. That is, if she knows how to get embarassed in the first place. I can also imagine an old man celebrating his 80 year-old birthday there, only to see her derriere, and have a heart attack.

I am not a prissy woman. If I've got it, I'll flaunt it. But have sense enough to wear appropriately. Gosh. I wonder if her colleague got a hard-on all night.


Kok said...

What a lousy restaurant! Actually in Aust, I did came across some of the lousy restaurants too. Sometimes, have to choice but to go back because the food is better...

mott said...

wah..apa nama restaurant tu?

it is a pity aidan didn't see her... i wud hv loved to know her reaction!


Shern's mom said...

Yucks, so cheapskate right.

Sweetpea said...

mott - u call me lar. i let you know :)

LiL'deviL said...

"Ee yer, shame shame!"