Tuesday, October 21, 2008

US Moolah back in the game!

There was a time just not so long ago, I thought perhaps I should just give up my paid postings. After all, it was almost a dollar to a dollar when it came to AUD and USD. Plus I don't spend much time romancing my keyboard anymore. Not like I used to. For all it's worth, nothing beats messing up my backyard concrete floor with drawings from chalks, fighting with dinosaurs in the sandpit or a walk around the block with the little rascal.

Then it just dawned upon me today. UUwwaahhh..... USD1 to AUD1.40 leh. There is hope still. Better 'cash in' all my 'pay' in Paypal soon. Hoohooooo!! Syok nye! But no syok when it comes to TT money back to Malaysia. What rubbish, like my friend puts it, at RM2.45!! That's AUD203 less (for AUD1000 sent back) and for that money, I can buy the PSP DS Lite that I have been pining for!

AAuuuu hhuuiiittt errr!!

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Kok said...

Now it's so cheap for AUD as compared to one month back! Aduiii! My dad "lost" few thousand ringgit as he changed it when he went to Perth for my convocation earlier this year. I should have change my convo to September when the Aud drops! haha!

Anyway, faster change your US$ to AUD$!