Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And to think I've heard all about dieting

Being a self-appointed fad diet queen, theoretically, there is nothing I haven't heard of. Almost. Appetite suppressants, carb blockers, metabolism boosters, meal replacements, weight loss patches and even those programs such as The Atkins, South Beach, Lemon Detox, cabbage or watercress soup diets, you name it, I've heard it all, I've tried some.

But weight loss earrings? What the..?! Well, it is supposed to balance the magnetism in one's body by wearing a magnet near the ear, therefore suppressing hunger and increasing metabolism rate. It also claims to speed up healing process and reduce pain. While I believe magnetic bodywear does benefit one's well-being, I am highly skeptical about it being a weight loss product.

The things people come up with these days. Sigh.. I guess I'd better stick to my good old fat burner pills. At least I know it works, although I have to watch what I eat, still.

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