Monday, October 20, 2008

Do you ever get tired of reruns on TV?


There was Pretty Woman last night, and then there was King Kong. I love both movies, but they run at the same time! So what did I do? Which would I choose? You know, I really don't want to feel sad and cry. It was the last thing I needed on a Saturday night, so I watched Julia and Richard in action. But at intervals, I took peeks at Naomi and Adrian.

On another channel, there was Jessica's sexy body and her pair of boots which was made for walking. Later at night, it was The Rock on Walking Tall. And I guess everybody must have really loved Raymond because seldom did I notice there are sitcoms late at night. I ended the night with Fearless.

Did I have an exciting night? You bet!

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Kok said...

So many movies. Did you watch till your eyes popped out? haha!:P