Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Angmohs vs Chinese (or should it be Asians?)

Angmoh's child running in the park.

Daddy : Someone is acting like a cheeky monkey here.

Child fell down. Cry.

Daddy : That's okay, pumpkin. Where does it hurt?

Child cry some more.

Daddy : What were you doing? (Daddy was trying to kick some sense into child. Action and reaction kinda stuff)

Child : I was running.

Daddy : See what happens if you run too fast? (Checked for grazes) Come on, let's go and get you a drink.

Angmohs are some how very natural in talking with their children. Some, not all. They talk as if their little toddlers are equal, putting sense in them. These are the parents who have been brought up well mannered, have objectives in life, and paving the best road possible for their children. I am not saying the rest of us are not. Different parents have different ways of teaching their children. But can I not notice the difference between that and as mentioned in Kok's post, something like this:

Ah Beng's child running in the park.

Daddy : Eh, don't run too fast ahh. After you fall down! (Where is the encouragement?)

Child fell down. Cry.

Daddy : Hah! What did I tell you? I said don't run too fast!

Child cry some more.

Daddy : Nothing lar, just a tiny craze. Don't cry anymore.

Child cry even more.

Daddy : Haiyah, cry, cry, cry some more. Let's go, Let's go! Next time no need to come to the park lah.

Child wailed all the way back.

Hahahaa. I am also not saying not all Ah Bengs are like this lar. But I have been brought up this way, some what. My mum would give me the 'I dare you' approach, with the intention of me becoming scare-kedy cat, and not do it. Unfortunately, she realized a wee too late that I am a spring, not a mould. The more she suppresed, the further to the opposite side I go. Or perhaps I was just plain dumb. I listened to every word she said.



Kok said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I think the way the ang mor brought up the kids are so much better than us Asians don't you think so?

So, how do you wanna bring up your kids? Angmor style or Asians style? haha!

mott said...

BUT! Somehow......I find Asian kids MORE well-behaved than Ang-mor kids. I find they respect their elders more.

Ang-mors have no fear for the authorities.

So... guess... it's all a fine balance..

Don't worry Kok...Aidan is the sweetest boy I know. SERIOUS!

Christine Lim said...

I think "Me" fall into the Ah Beng" Categeory..hehehe so sad! I always say that to Charlotte! Hahahahahaha! Not "Ah Beng" but "Ah Lian"! hehehehe

Sweetpea said...

kok, that's not always the case though. if they are wayyy better, then there wouldn't be so many ill-mannered kids around too!

mott, on kok's and your comment, the angmohs believe in freedom of speech and expressions, so if not guided the correct way, the kids are real bullies. on the other hand, asians tend to instil the fear, or respect, if some prefer it this way, hehe, and so here we are. like i said, there are goods and bads.

christine, i was going to add, actually more ah lians in the park than ah bengs anyway! hahahah!