Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bumblebee buzzed out of my head

Mott invited us, as in my hubby, myself and Aidan over to her place on Tuesday, which was Melbourne Cup day, to savour the beef pho (pronounced 'fer'), a Vietnamese dish that she cooked up for brunch.

The bowls were cleaned out, and Wilkin sat in the living room, played with the boys. Mott and myself, still sitting at the dining table, continued with our fiesta. I brought some fruits, and we kept on munching and yakking away. Some of the times, naturally, we were interrupted by 'passing-by' kids asking for almost anything. One of her boys asked her about bumblebee, or was it the other way round, that he asked for something else, and she reminded that they have a bumblebee. I thought to myself, Hmm... how come boys play with cute bumblebees? Then again, No.2 is afterall, only three.

Never gave it a thought, until I came across something, which I have forgotten now, that bumblebee is actually Bumblebee.

THIS Bumblebee!

MMUAAHAHHAHAHAH!!! Pray tell! What else do I need to memorize?! First Thomas and his friends, then dinosaurs, now this, and please, no Yu-Gi-Ohs or Pokemons!!



Kok said...

I also lost tracks on cartoon if not looking at mummy's blog. hahaha!

So nice of mott! Maybe you can meet up more often with mott. hehehe.

mott said...


no wonder..everytime JY took Aidan's bumblebee...all of you had a puzzled look when I told him to give back Aidan's bumblebee!

There's Ben10. I completely have no clue what all his 10 names are.

Sue said...

Oh boys have so son likes Bumblebee too..