Friday, November 07, 2008

MY Nintendo DS no more

I received my spanking brand new Nintendo DS lite this morning.

I was very happy.

From the moment Aidan set his sight on it, half of my ownership disappeared, *POOF!!* into thin air. That is because MY Nintendo comes in a package of twelve extra GBA games. The one that caught his eyes? Mario.

While Aidan was at kinder this morning, and before I knew MY Nintendo was to arrive at my place this morning, I went shopping at Myers. By the way, Chaddy's new look is wwwaaayyy KKEEWWLL! Instead of being monopolized by Coles group, i.e. Coles Supermarket, KMart and Target, they now have Woolworth, Aldi and Colonial Market. Shop till you drop, gals! Plus there are plenty of new funky eateries too.

Oh, sorry, busy promoting Chaddy. And so, I went to Myers to get myself some games, i.e. Brain Training, Eye Sight Training and Cooking Guide. RRP at $49.95 each, sale price is $29 each. Anjua? I did good?

In the arvo, computer for Aidan NO MORE. All he wanted was MY Nintendo. I thought, good lar hoh? At least I can use the pc now, but I also need to set a strict time for him to use that game.

Hubby came home from work.



miche said...

2 against one! how to win??? LOL

sting said...

hehehe... but ah, when hubby is at work and Aidan is in kinder, then it YOURS again :-)

Kok said...

Buy another one! hahaha!