Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh boy, forgot about these!

I tried to be good today, stayed home and spring clean again. Not going out means not spending unnecessary money. I know I can do that, especially when Christmas is just six weeks away.

I love throwing out things. Unlike my hoarder hubby, what I don't want/need, I don't keep, even if they are still fairly new, while his motto is 'Can still use waaat'. Anyway, I cleared my storage cupboard again. This time, shoes. And found many, many pairs of Aidan's shoes! Some I bought in KL, some here, some my SIL bought for him. These are the six pairs I have to let him try on and wear as he is outgrowing them! There are a few more larger ones in the cupboard.

And out of the six, two tak boleh liao. Sigh...... I didn't even know. I told myself no more tee shirts for Aidan this year, as he has got heaps. Looks like I have to tell myself again, no more shoes too! And that goes for my SIL!


mott said...


Kok said...

So many pairs of shoes for aidan! Maybe you can sell it cheap online. hehe.

goolypop said...

eh, i going melb in june next year. u kumpul kumpul then sell bulk to me la, nak tak?I know u got greeeat taste but u have to tell me how much first.. if not we jiak sai there :P

Sweetpea said...

mott - whaddaya think? :P

kok - when it's on sale here, it's very cheap, you think ppl will want to pay extra postage for it meh? haha

goolypop - me great taste?! *scratch head* anyway, wat u want me to kumpul? new shoes wat size? i'd rather you look see in KL because I got his BUBBLE GUMMERS there! right now, i am 6C-ing black runners for next year prep. Skechers or Converse :P

mott said...

Eh..if u can sell, sell la. make some moolah

but the ones that cannot sell... i'm a big lup-sup-tong! ;)

sorry ah...the first comment, like i so dem greedy ler...

but the customised shoes...looks so dem cool! but you're right..it's quite ex!

Sweetpea said...

mott, sell aprah, you know sales here, velly cheap. i was already thinking about you lar :P

janicepa said...

eh.. there dun hv car boot sale wan ka ??

sell it lah .. throw it.. u wan to make rubbish mountain ??