Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What can I say?

I have been busy, lazy and unorderly.

Has been a busy weekend. Especially on Saturday, where in November, smacked right in the middle of spring, where we get hot days up to 30 degree Celsius, you would unsurprisingly find rain, storm and here's the surprising part, HAIL! Twice! That was as far as I could witness, while driving to the city in the rain. 10am, the sky looked bleak. It was funny we had to dig out our winter wear that day.

First stop, Melbourne Museum. My BIL was a former employee of IBM, and he got us tickets to attend the IBM Kids' Christmas Party. Santa bag, free ice cream, free entry to the galleries. It was quite fun, except no fun when going with hubby. As if the ants were crawling up his butt. Sini tamau pigi, situ tamau masuk. Aprah, potong stim.

In the afternoon, Aidan attended a birthday party of his kinder mate at Amber's Playhouse. Theme Transformer! The cake I mean. That's the birthday boy with a chip in his mouth.

Barely ten minutes back at home, we had to go out again for Korean BBQ dinner. My SIL's birthday. Hubby bought a cheesecake to celebrate, and we cut it at home. No stranger to cakes, candles and sparkles anymore, Aidan plonked himself right in front of the cake, leaving the birthday gal sitting at the back :P He did remind us in the car, No, Gu Che no blowing candles. Aidan blow.

And there you have it.


Kok said...

30 degree you say hot ah? Malaysia is way hotter lah! haha! Here in Miri, the weather is strange as well... it's so hot when it's about to rain... weird eh?

Seems like everyone's birthday is Aidan's birthday! hahaha!

Limoeg said...

Great photos.