Sunday, November 02, 2008

When I was thirteen...

I celebrated another phase of life, being officially a teenager.

I felt proud wearing that aqua pinafore, I was no longer a primary student.

I started noticing that boy in the red school bus.

I began to idolize Boy George, Roger Taylor, Alan Tam and Danny Chan.

I had my first 'tai yee ma' and remembered how flabbergasted my mum looked as I showed her something unusual that was in my underwear. She swore she wasn't going to win any money at mahjong for a week. Hang on a minute! I thought I was the one who should be pacing the floor there as I had no idea what was going on in my body! Was I going to die?!

Those were the days where you could still find sanitary napkins with loops and a waist belt for it. Better yet, playing 'doctor' with one was the most realistic thing I could find around the house, although I kinda found it difficult to breathe after a while.

I had my first girly bra.

I discovered and explored my body. Interesting. Things were changing. I discovered perfume as well. Let's just put it this way. 'Downstairs' and perfume DON'T mix. Try spraying your beaver with your mum's Chanel No.5 and you are heading for the shower hose in seconds. What on earth prompted me to do that, I had no idea. I didn't even know what boyfriend meant!

I wrote lots of letters to lots of penpals all over the world.

I loved watching Oshin on TV.

When I was thirteen, life was simple, and good. Apart from the dreaded exams.

Two days ago, a certain thirteen-year-old in Melbourne in a certain public hospital underwent an abortion. She was twelve weeks pregnant. How is it possible, you may ask. In October 2008, Victorian legislation was changed to decriminalise abortion in Victoria. Her mum would have signed a consent form.

Yes, teenage pregnancy is no new matter. It happens everyday. But at thirteen! The body is only starting to develop, to grow! What has driven this girl to explore her sexuality at this age? I could only shake my head in disbelief, but Wilkin said he wasn't surprised.

Hence it got me reminiscing about my thirteen-year-old life. And thank God for every minute of that.


miche said...

i didnt know how baby were made until i was 15! i love oshin too and my friends and relative all said i look like her!

actually bangladeshi worker married his wife when she was 12!

+Ren said...

u discovered perfume and the first thing u did with it was 'that'??

Kok said...

It doesn't suprised me as nowadays kids are so much more "advance". And also, they're more curious. Just look at the teenagers who smoke and club, they've increased so much!

goolypop said...

doctor..y ur mask so thick one? :P

How come u didnt know about haid one? My school had this speaker from Kotex co. who talked about it, but didnt give free samples. Aperlah..

Also, if i had a dotter, sure 'tahn kai' every moment. How not to, with scary news as such?

laundryamah said...

oik? how come suddenly talk about being 13...hmmmm..Oshin..ya ya I loved watching it too!!

LiL'deviL said...

Sorry I had to ask, who is Roger Taylor and Oshin? LOL!