Monday, November 03, 2008

Two old fellas, one strong little lamb

Imagine. A total of almost 140kg combined couldn't hold one teeny weeny 23kg boy down. Okay, not exactly teeny weeny, but definitely less than 20% of our weight!

All because of a stupid little splint. We went to Albert Park Lake and sat down at one of the mini wooden jetties. A splint got into Aidan's right hand, and if it was myself, I would've torn open the skin and got that darn thing out in two minutes. Naturally, Aidan wouldn't allow that to be done to him! So I told Wilkin we would have to wait till we got home, as I have sterilized splinter probes. One of the things you definitely need to keep if you have little children here.

By the time we got home, the area around the splint had turned red. Aidan fought with all his might to avoid having that taken out. I explained to him if we don't take out the splint, it will be very painful.

I want splint in hand! I want splint in hand!

The poor rascal rather have the splint in than letting me poke him with the needle. I showed him how it was done, not exactly driving the needle into his hand, but he won't have it. After lots of tears, a very wet blankey and a pair of swollen eyes, with heaps of strength used for wrestling among us three, the cursed splint was finally out. Not before Wilkin threw a huge tantrum at Aidan. Aidan was hysterical. Now somebody has gotta keep calm?!

But all was good after that. We hugged in bed.

I mean Aidan and myself.


Kok said...

That's bad. Poor Aidan.

When I had my first splint in my hand, my dad also had a hard time on me. But the second time, I took the needle and did it myself. :P

pearly said...

Sweetpea dear :
poor little one . is he ok now?
haven't been pop in for sometime , look at him AIdan had grown lot and so handsome boy too :)
how are you ?