Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cars now

Eversince Aidan has been introduced to my Nintendo DS, he got to know more characters now like the Power Rangers, Transformers, Mario, Bratz (thank goodness he wasn't interested in that game!) and Cars.

While I limit his time on it, I find that his hand-eye coordination has improved. One good thing out of it, at least. Now, he watches Cars on dvd. He is the odd kid that doesn't quite like animated movies. Very specific about it. I tried introducing The Incredibles, Nemo, Ratatouille... nup.

So now he in into Cars. He wore a Cars winter jacket last year and through to this year, and now no longer fit. Not that he knew it was Lightning McQueen. So when he saw this photo :

Mama, Lightning McQueem! I want to wear?

It's too hot now Aidan.

I want to wear Lightning McQueem!

This is for winter, when it's cold. See the snow? It's too hot for you to wear it now.

I want to wear!

Guess I will have to go shopping for a tee tomorrow, and give it to him when he is being good. Another excuse for me :)


janicepa said...

hahaha.. excuse ?? no lah .. xmas gift lor..

Kok said...

Very sweet family photos there!

Aiyo, buy Aidan few tees lah. One only, mana cukup?:P