Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kinder Christmas Concert and breakup party

It has been an emotional day for me.

Everything went well, the concert, the songs, the food. By the end of the party all decorations were taken down and were handed back to each of the children that made them.

Well, I was fine until then. When the teachers hugged Aidan to say goodbye, my tears started pouring. I sheepishly smiled, and they told me it was okay. They are used to it. Afterall, they send off kindy graduates every year! I got a hug from them too. Made it worse! Haiyah!

Aidan was oblivious to the fact that he won't be going back to that 'school' anymore. All he realize is that, it's holiday, no 'school', get to play with his engines and Nintendo all day. Given the chance, that is.

Sigh.... so here it is. Holiday officially started at 2pm. I get to sleep in till 1st of February.


Shern's mom said...

Oh, he looks so cute in his costume. That video you post earlier on his singing, I can tell he's very cheeky. Hehee..

Happy Holiday!

janicepa said...

u so emo wan ka ?? hehehe... good thing is .. u can sleep in till watever time u wan la... good mah

Kok said...

Aww Sweetpea,
Don't worry, Aidan will have another new school with lots of nice teachers and friends. :)