Thursday, December 18, 2008

Double Diet!


Merry festive season, twice over. How not to get fat? For Christmas, my weakness is fruitcakes. Not to mention the chocolates, the barbeques and the wine. Three weeks later, even less, Chinese New Year treats are all in the shops. Pineapple jam tarts, kuih kapit, peanut cookies, the list goes on.

Even of I go for my workout daily, I won't be able to balance that up. I need diet pills that can actually speeds up my metabolic rate and suppresses my appetite. Oh, I guess it will help very much too if it can detox and have anti-aging effect. Wow, that will be the wonder pill for me. And at the moment, it's more caffeine intake for me!


Kok said...

You where got fat? You don't need that!:P

Sweetpea said...

hehe... girls will be girls! not skinny enough!