Thursday, December 18, 2008

No soup left for me

Hubby must be very very hungry.

He langsai all the chicken drumsticks I baked for dinner. I made 'choy gon' soup, and usually there will be leftovers when I get home from work. And tonight, I felt binge-ey. (What the heck, I feel binge-ey every night anyway!) Thought it would be lovely to have some hot soup when I get home. Just that and choy-gon and carrots, nothing too fattening.

Came home, emtpy pot sitting in the sink. And I didn't even get to drink a spoonful for dinner! Whole pot! Enough for three, or more. I didn't have any, Aidan would have a tiny bowl... GONE!

Hungry wor. How? Didn't want to eat the muffins at 1.00am, so ended up with a bunch of roasted almonds. Hardly filling. Sigh..... keeping track of my diet is more important than being full!

Sigh... what a sacrifice and price to pay.


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Kok said...

Poor you. *Hand over a bowl of Pork with Carrots soup to Sweetpea* :D