Thursday, December 11, 2008

Low key Christmas

Yes. Everything is toned down this year. I didn't have to spend much on decorations as I don't have space for a big christmas tree, and just as well. Decorations were bought after Christmas last year, of which I am foreseeing myself getting more cheap stuff again after Boxing Day.

Here is what you will see upon entering my house.

A few of the items are Aidan's art and craftwork. The little snowman, the star on the tree and the plate with candle. That is actually an invitation for his concert next Tuesday. There is a scroll inside the candle. Can't wait!

If you check out my presents last year, you will see how plain these ones are. No extra decorations. Not being kiamsiap, but better save the money for our Philip Island trip next weekend.

Have to start making a list of things to buy for food! Trust men to organize meals. Huh!


Kok said...

I guess it's better to save more looking at the economy nowadays. You already have a nice decoration!:)

janicepa said...

ei.. last year xmas tree smaller.. this year BIGGEr wor.. hahahaha

NomadicMom said...

Looks Christmasy what.