Friday, December 05, 2008

NO! Kai Yeh cannot sleep in my room

That was what Aidan said when I told him his godfather will be sleeping in his room with him, when he visits from Hong Kong in a couple of weeks' time.

I showed him where I will put the mattress, so that he doesn't think Kai Yeh will be sleeping in his bed with him. He shook his head vigorously and said NO! Kai Yeh cannot sleep.

Haaiiii.... how? I asked him where would Kai Yeh sleep then? Can't sleep in Mama's and Daddy's room, can't sleep in the lounge room. (Can lar, but I don't want to plant that idea into him) He couldn't give me the answer, but definitely not in his room! We didn't want Max to sleep in the lounge room as Aidan will be up and about early, playing with his trains and tracks.

So, I had to sweet talk him, laced with bribery. But Kai Yeh will have lots of present for you. Maybe he has lots of Thomas toys.

That got him in thinking mode. When I asked him again, he didn't say yes, but at least he is not saying no. I will have to work on that. And quick!


christine Lim said...

hahaha..make sure Max really gives Aidan lots of presents when he arrives!

Kok said...

Don't worry. When kai yeh come and play with Aidan, sure Aidan will let him stay with him. hehe.