Sunday, December 07, 2008

Somehow my passion for blogging has dwindle...

Or perhaps it may be the festive season that's doing me in?

I think it's that plus the fact that there are so many things going on at the same time. Every program has their own Christmas party, no matter how small. I had to make sure I brought some snacks or finger food. Preparation for prep may be the biggest challenge of all. How lucky the kids are these days. Transition and orientation days. I was just thrown into the school bus and off I went!

Dates, dates and more dates to remember. I have told you I would be lost without my organizer. Now I can tell you again, I will be a total wreck if I lose it! So, I have a written one beside my desk, my Google Calendar and my PDA. I am obsessed!

Okay, news on Aidan now. Lately, every morning even before I had his milk ready, he was already saying

Mama! (He would keep calling me until I answer him)

I donwan bread.

I donwan egg.

And I donwan cereal!

Now you can imagine that I have been torturing him with just this breakfast menu. Yalar, nothing like Malaysia, chee cheong fun, noodle soup or roti canai. Sighh.... don't even go there. I miss them myself! Goodness knows I have been searching for more alternatives, without having to cook. I hate the smell of oily smoke in the morning, and complicated breakfasts.

And right now, we are having pancakes for breakfast. Yummm.....

Not exactly my idea for an ideal breakfast when I am trying to lose weight!


Kok said...

Same here! Ever since I work, I've lost my passion in blogging... I need more time!

Hah! Breakfast... That's why I don't like to have my breakfast in Aust. Cause if it's not bread, then it's cereal... eww... Maybe you can try to have muffin? hehe.

Sweetpea said...

eh kok, you don't rub it in arrr..