Friday, January 30, 2009

Beached whale

As in, not moving.

Extremely hot. Dry. Debilitating migraine. Damp undies.

Two days of 43C if enough to make anyone go mad. I am amazed the tennis players at the Australian Open didn't work up a strike for not putting up the roof.

Dogs at RSPCA died. My friend's 3 chooks died. One man pengsan at Chaddy. I was wondering what this red square tent was all about, smacked right in the middle of the info centre, and some guys flapping the canvas. I walked pass it, and saw this boot, horizontally.

Hot night last night. Ditched hubby and bed, went to sleep with Aidan instead, as the evaporative cooler is in his room. Jangan cuba tanya pasal hawa dingin, kiamsiap mia suami I. Lagi dia kata katil kita panas, tak bleh tidur. Abuthen? Not my problem. I cari lain solution lor. Hahhaaaha! Looks like I'll be ditching them one more night tonight.

Feel fat. Christmas and CNY goodies are showing their stuff now. Right here in my gut, bottom, flabby arms and noticeable double chin. Feel all the peanut paste, pineapple tarts, nin gou still there in my tummy. Carbs, carbs and more carbs. Even my Milk Thistle can't help me this time.

Fitness First consultant very persistant and irritating. Decided am going to ditch them and join YMCA instead. For the same price, I get the pool as well. Why not?

Right now, migraine is leaving, but still making its mark. Bloated. Fluid retention. I feel my swollen fingers and feet.

Time for another pair of undies. I mean, shower.

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