Sunday, February 01, 2009

Melbourne Record High for three consecutive days of temperatures above 43 degrees Celsius since 1855

How else can you beat that? People, animals and plants have died this time round. Even the ants came out to look for water and food (if ever they drink water? I don't know) Saturday morning when the cool change broke through on Friday night. We used recycled water to douse down the heat on our parched verandahs, and hubby guessed the ants must have sensed that, hence they were all over our kitchen floor.

As for the plants, look at my poor babies. See the succulents thrive compared to these:

Neighbour's babies:

Neighbour's babies up close. Bear in mind this neighbour of mine, who is also my front yard gardener, waters our plants religiously. And these are hard leaves, keeps water well.

The effect of the scorching sun.

They could only take so much. After three consecutive days, something's gotta burn.

Thank goodness for me! For insisting on the air-conditioning last year.

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