Monday, February 02, 2009

Is everything ready?

I have no idea!

I am not a nervous wreck yet, but close to becoming one. Tomorrow, or rather today, I will be waking up early at 7am for the next 15 years, if I am lucky.

School bag? Check.
Uniform? Check.
Shoes? Check.
Hats? Check.
Lunchboxes? Check.
Camera? Check.
Nervous radar? Tilting to maximum.

Aidan's first day at Prep! My baby is going to Prep!

On the other hand, I am exciting about welcoming my new six-hour daily free time. I have lots of things to do with it, one being making the gym my second home. By saying that, I am TRYING to make it my second home. See if this will hold my attention long enough away from the more leisure-paced window shopping.

My feelings are all jumbled up right now, I'll probably post better tomorrow, after all the photos have been taken, and when he is back home again from school.

Wish me luck!


whoelse said...

Sandee BOLEH!!!!

mott said...

How was it? Was he happy? Cool? was ur free time? Happy? Cool?