Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First Day at Prep

First day at Prep was a breeze. I told him a story about school, bells and friends, and most importantly, his Lightning McQueen snackbox. Inside was a tub of fruit puree, some biscuits and an iced bottle of water.

Lunchbox was more practical, and be placed inside an insulated bag with a frozen bottle of water to keep cool. Anyway, he was very excited about it all. It was a good thing I reminded him of some new friends he has made over orientation days.

First day:

In the classroom. Yep, that would be right. So at home, at where he loves to be.

His very own seat, with his cricketeer hat at the back:

Daddy took the day off just to be here:

His most favourite spot in the classroom:

After a few cheery goodbyes, hubby and I hit the gyms. Gyms = being different places. His Fitness First and my YMCA. I don't quite his upper classy place, and mine has a pool. Also, a lot of pryme movers. Meaning, old people. So I look good. Hahahaa! Naah... in fact, I saw a much older lady working out, and I was so jealous with her physique and definitions. Must have taken a lot of hard work and time to be what she is.

Now that I have more time in my hands, I vow to be more active, less pc romancing.

As for now, let's give it a week, and see what Aidan will say then. Some kids would have had enough of the long hours, and I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed!


whoelse said...

smooth sailing for you i guess :) aidan looks so big boy from his uniform. nampak you dah beli bekas tu :P

NomadicMom said...

Any tears shed?? From mommy??