Thursday, February 05, 2009

What's up during the week

Third day into prep Aidan is already saying he wants to go shopping tomorrow instead. Hasn't quite grasp the idea that he will stay put! Still, he is enjoying school days, and happily for me, he finished his sandwiches so far. Oh, why third day? Coz for the first month of school, every Wednesday is Prep Free Day, so no school lah!

In fact, I am the one who is left battling with my eye lids. Work is getting busier and by the time I got home, I need to wind down (EXCUSES!), and wake up early. Monday and Tuesday, I hit the gym with such enthusiasm, obviously yesterday was a gym-free day for me as well. This morning, by the time we left the door, I remembered there was a class-rep meeting. Oh well, I thought, I can always go after that. Little do you know, I was half asleep throughout the meeting, and at the end of it, heck, I went straight home and zzzzzzz..........

It felt good, after the 1 1/2 hour nap. So, it is I, the one not coping well with Prep.

Done my root canal for the third, and last time on Wednesday. I had this sunglasses over my eyes, but was curious as a cat. Peeked, and regrettably, saw tiny matchsticks dagger being burned and sterilized over the fire tungsten, and with smoke still, buried within my gums. Yep, I smelt burnt flesh! But no ouch. Thank goodness for anaesthetic.

Now, I officially have two dead teeth in my mouth. One hardly costed me anything, another a fortune. The former, all I knew, the roots out, throw in the fillings, that was it. This one, no freaking wonder it costs me $1200! AUSSIE DOLLARS, mind you! Gotta wait for another six months to spend the other $1300 for crowning.

Looks like Kevin Rudd's stimulus package came at a good time. Keep the jobs going. Yeah, right. As if dentists will go out of jobs.

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NomadicMom said...

That is indeed a LOT of money for ONE tooth!!!