Monday, February 09, 2009

Lou Sang one more time

A pregnant friend of mine didn't feel it was CNY without Lou Sang. We had to have it. So, before CNY finishes in on Monday, we had a big one on Saturday. We made three big dishes, all with fresh salmon, and since she can't have any, we made a smaller platter just for her, with jellyfish instead.

The unfinished Yin-Yang platter of jellyfish for my preggers friend.

This platter was supposed to be two kois before we went too greedy and messed it up with lots of ingredients.

This was the almost finished, one of the three platters.

On a hot hot sweltering day of 46C, nothing is better than ice kacang.

The heat was unbearable. Nothing I have experience were close to this. The wind was blowing hard, and it was melting hot. My skin stings within minutes of just getting out there, into my car. The temperature topped it's record maximum and while we were having a good time, a lot of lives and homes were destroyed. No one expected this to happen. After a three continuous scorching days last week, most would think we could go through this, and afterall, it was only a day.

Unfortunately, this was the worst ever. But what left me reeling was, as fast as the temperature climbed to it's 30s as early as 9am or so, after the damages it had done, it cooled down more than 15 degrees within an hour in the early evening. The news was devastating.

Although it had cooled down, there is still high risk for fires, where it could start from embers that is as big as a teacup. I pray for rain. And strength for those who are left with nothing.

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NomadicMom said...

waliow...sounds tough!!!!
AC cranked up high high