Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cooking for Dummies

I have bought this for a while:

But never got around using it until yesterday, which I made aloo ghobi and some fish recipe. Not bad. I mean, the step to step instructions were not bad. Very detailed instructions from what to buy, what you need, to cooking step by step with it. So today, I used it again for a different kind of fried rice. Indonesian style. And probably drop by what Nomadic Mom calls a chicken boutique to get some 'ready-made' chicken meal ideas.

But then, Mott ring rings me and told me to drop by her place to get some thing.

CHAR SIEW!! Phoowaaa! Tender and juicy, damn yummo! Mott's Kitchen 'mou dak ding'!! (Eh, have to angkat a bit lar, want to have more to come :P Then again, it's real angkat noh, otherwise why would I want 'more to come', right?)

And her back garden chili padi, as seen in my rice, blew me away. Ever since I had Aidan, I seldom take spicy stuff, just because I need to share with him, so my threshold for spicy-ness has gone waayy down. Hot hot hot!!

Another great eat-in dinner.


Orange Beach Real Estate said...

It is pretty cool that DS has that game. If I had a DS I would prolly buy it to help my eating habits. Which aren't so good some of the time. It looks like you prepared some excellent food. Thanks for sharing.

NomadicMom said...

Ya Ya. I absolutely lurve the Aussie CHICKEN and MEAT BOUTIQUES!!!!

Eh... Really followed recipe from DS game ah? Can meh?? "Chann mou"??

Sweetpea said...

OBRE - my pleasure. get that and jamie oliver. they are good :)

NM - i only followed a few so far. add or minus to personal taste lor. i would say not bad. like i said, there's jamie oliver too, but u now lar, we more asian taste buds.