Monday, January 19, 2009

Ah Dang!

After my first root canal session, the result was sensational! No more sensitive feelings when I drink icy cold water and chewed almost anything on it. However, I knew it was only a temporary filling and I had to be careful with it still.

Still, being careful wasn't enough, because two days ago I felt and upon checking, noticed a crack! That was Thursday night. Called dentist but couldn't fit me in till Monday. Darnest thing like this HAS to happen over the weekend. Long wait.

When I told my situation to the receptionist, his wife, my guess, she exclaimed in a surprised tone Oh! He didn't put a band on it for you?


What do you mean by Oh! He didn't put a band on it for you?!

Was he supposed to do that?

What happens if he tells me tomorrow that my molar can't be saved, or more work (e.g. more money) needs to be done?

Would it have made a difference if he banded it in the first place?

Blardy money diggers, that's what they are. See see that I needed a root canal, quickly slot me in (although I should be grateful for that) and claim my money, fully aware and taking advantage of the fact that I did not have the luxury of time to shop around for dentists.

Eh, Mr. Dentist, if you tell me more $$$ is needed, please just pull it out. False tooth much cheaper.



NomadicMom said...

Is the band some kind of a protective covering for the tooth???

But false teeth is errr...false. So sure not so nice lor.

Sue said...

Aiyo..I don't like dentist...hahha
Hey Happy Chinese New Year in advance!!!

Sweetpea said...

NM - see my latest post. That's to hold the whole thing together until he puts the crown on it.

Sue - One of the despicable professions. Great for those who doesn't like socializing :P