Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am tagged

What a magnificent bird. There she goes, minding her own business, but one day, *clip*

See that band? No longer free. I feel that way. Feels like it. Looks like it. And it is not a nice feeling carrying something foreign other than her feathers. In my case, clothes.

Tagged. Banded. Clipped. Tied.

For another two weeks. And it will be at least one month before my molar, or me, can be free from one of the despicable appointments. Underneath this 'calm' photo, lies six long and fine 'acupunture-like' needles. Don't ask me why, my dentist never bothered talking to me. He just turned, said 'OK, see you next time' and out the door he went. No advise on hygiene and pain management.

True, this second round of $400 isn't easy for him to earn, but it hurts me both ways. Tooth and bank account.

Chekai loyar mia dentist. Better not curse him too much. I still have three more visits.

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