Monday, January 05, 2009

Godfather leaves

Max probably is sitting in his plane seat this very minute and waiting for take off, back to Hong Kong.

Two weeks has passed, just like that. Aidan had immense fun with him, now that he is older and is able to communicate more. The best thing he liked about his godfather, probably is the PSP, heh. Imagine this boy of mine having the ultimate holidays with no school, no tabletop activities, but all scooter-riding, PSP, Nintendo and You Tube for Thomas.

That, my dear, is going to change, as of this very day. Sleep curfew will be on again, and limited times with MY Nintendo games! I bet you won't like me very much for a while, but that's the way it is, kiddo!

And as for you Max, thanks for the time spent with us, and we hope you had a great time. We did. Till then, safe journey.

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christine lim said...

Well Max is a nice guy ! We all have great fun during the past two weeks where we met for dinner and other outings. Hope he will be able to come over next year!