Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Looks dracula-ish, but tastes very delish!


I seldom see this in the supermarket, or most likely I wasn't looking. Today, however, I chanced upon it and remembering my in-laws love to make soup out of them, and that I love it, I bought two.

I cooked it with some pork bones, and added a white radish and some celery stalks. Note what's in the photo is not carrot. That is the white radish, gone red.

And saving the best for last. Yumm......

And as for Aidan, he said Mama, I don't want pink rice.

Not negotiable.


Maddy said...

Pickled in malt vinegar is our all time favourite, which you can't buy out here which means that we have to always make our own.

I quite fancy the idea of making a casserole too. Good for you.

I don't think I could 'sell' pink rice to anyone around here either!

janice said...

Happy NEw year 2009.. woman !!..