Thursday, January 08, 2009

Our dinner tonight

Hainanese chicken rice. Taste yummy. Not bought. I made! Kleber leh? See, Aidan couldn't wait to dig into his drumstick.

Can you spot the bishop's nose? This particular part is sure to go into the bin. My mum would have eaten that first, but she is too far away in Malaysia.

The process. A whole free range chook in hot spa, infused with spice.

And where did I get the recipe from?

Muaahahahhahaha!! I am the Queen of premix! Surely you knew?!


mott said...


I normally buy the pre-mix rice sauce that comes in a bottle. Saves more money ler... Think it's called Kee's. Isn't the best? Hee hee hee.... So easy to do..smells heavenly too!!!

NomadicMom said...

You mean spice goes into the chicken stock too?
Normally, just the rice, right??

Mott - But Kee's jar is for multiple times...and you know jars cannot keep too long leh.
Does that mean must eat chicken rice every other day??

Limoeg said...

Look delicious.

Sweetpea said...

Mott - I buy whenever I cook, like once in a blue moon. Even the packet itself save money already compared to eating outside.

NM - They have separate packets of spice premixes for the chicken and rice each. Even the condiments of ginger, chilli and dark soy sauce comes with it! With the huge pot balance frm the chicken stock, today I made tomyum noodles from it. Don't waste mar! :)