Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Deleting my other blog

I am seriously thinking about it.

Since it is so difficult for me to load into Wordpress, I might as well forget about it. Don't have the patience. Plus, I do have more to my life than facing the pc now. I have grew out of love with it. Also contemplating deleting this one, but this one makes me a little moolah, although not much. Still, a penny in the pocket is better than none at all.

Sayang to delete that one, but I do not see the point of waiting and waiting for it to load anymore. I'd be better off playing some games in Facebook. Hah!

What say you?


janice said...

chey.. u already say making moolah for u .. why wan to delete wor.. some post u put there liao ... really sayang wan ...

like lady dummy.. i oso sayang to delete altho it's not making moolah.. hahaha..

Lemonjude said...

Oh, you addicted to games in FB...well..do keep this blog since it still can monetise for you.