Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Off day Tuesday

It really was an OFF day for me. First the routines. Sent Aidan to school, hit the gym, and came home to shower. What was most pampering for me today was I coloured my hair at the Korean salon, plus did eyebrow and upper lip waxing. Walao, first time I do it leh. I was fascinated, sitting there and watching this angmoh being 'done', so I itchy bum bum and asked if the beautician does eyebrow reshaping. I seriously need that. And that was how I ended up in her beauty chair.

From today onwards, I am not supposed to pluck my eyebrows. How on earth am I going to stick to that, we will see. I pluck every few days, and I am only supposed to go back to see the beautician in three weeks' time. THREE WEEKS! I've got a freaking wedding dinner to go to next Saturday! But before I see those baby hairs peeking out again, I am not going to fret.

No cooking day. It was Aidan's school's Twilight Sports night. Went there but we left an hour later. It was rather windy and sand was blowing in all direction, and obviously my eyes are definitely not keen or happy.

Off we went for dinner at Matthew Flinders. Family type restaurant for western food. My salmon steak was nice, but a tad overdone. The only sin I have done was that I ate up the mashed potato as well.

Tjek, tjek, tjek. Naughty girl.

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