Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where have we been?

Tuesday evening to Aidans' school for Twilight Sports. Here he is, showing off to me at 'his' playground. The oval was too dry, no thanks to the drought, and after a year, there was only dry grass and sand.

Instead of staying at the oval, which I decided, was too windy and sand kept flying into my eyes, we left early, but before Aidan had his icypole, with yet another coin donation towards the Bushfire Appeal fund.

We went to Matthew Flinders for dinner. Daddy didn't feel like rice, there went my Korean dream. The eatery called Dave 'N' Busters has a game room for older kids, like this one, and for toddlers. Aidan loves the pool table since our Philip Island trip, and pestered his Dad for a game. Good for him, because he found one die-cast Thomas the Tank Engine in one of the pockets! What a treasure! He was so happy, that he introduced new Thomas to all his engines at home.

Today, after his much needed haircut again, I bribed him with this:

He went up this slide, I lost count, with non stop, all sorts of stunts. Forward, like Superman, Superman flying backwards, sitting down, sitting down backwards, climbing up the slide. He was loving it! I curi tangkap these pics, not sure if it was allowed in the pool, but too lazy to ask for permission. Now that I've said it, I won't tell you where :P

And his haircut. The hippy hairdresser was a pro. I looked at his scissors go, whoa! Who else but my new Korean hairdressers lar. The one who did my hair looks geekie, this one who did Aidan's hair was hippy. The one who did my eyebrow and upper lip waxing is also a young chick. All young and talented. This is so going to be my one stop shop.

My geekie one felt my head, looking for angles. How cool was that? Aidan's hippy one was just like Edward Scissorhand! He didn't treat Aidan's hair just like any other little boy's hair, he did it with much concentration and care. Maybe next time I should try him out.

A little pricier, but I guess worth it.


mott said...

Def. much better!!!!!!!


where is this water slide place?

Sasha said...

wah good, can find thomas in the pocket. go there more often probably u can find more. And the haircut, no difference what. He's still so handsome :P

Sweetpea said...

mott, wanna go one day? :)

sasha, if always find something, no fun oredi :P