Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Annoying stage

My eyes are 80% recovered, considering it's been only a little over two weeks. Not bad.

But it's really annoying me now that I can see clearer for bigger pictures, and not the finer prints. They are clear, but double vision. I got a little bit frantic and started asking anyone and everyone who has done lasik, thinking I may have damaged my eyes trying to Facebook on the third day after surgery.

They told me it's normal, and that it will take from weeks up to about three months to completely heal. Three freaking months! I might as well e drunk all this time! I can't read the expiry date on the can, I can't see the numbers on my customer's driving license. Worse, the actual procedure that I did was PRK, and this takes longer than lasik to heal.

Duh, so much so for looking at blokes' nice bums. Err... I mean, I can see them, but not the brand of jeams they are wearing. Kakakakkaaa!!

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