Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We were all in the car. Wilkin driving and told me to move the rear-view mirror a little forward. Then a little backward, then up a little bit, then down, then forward again. To and fro.

After a while I got frustrated and said Tiiuu. Make up your mind!

As soon as that sentence got out from my mouth, I regretted it.

Mama, what happened?

Little rascal, how on earth did he catch on that alien word so quickly?

Not looking back at him, I said with a straight face, Nothing

Wilkin was snickering in his seat.

Hahahahaa... Mama. Tttiiuuu !!

Wilkin let out a loud guffaw, and I started shaking with suppresed laughter. Aidan thought he tickled our funny-bones and repeated the words. I told Wilkin to stop laughing and not encourage the boy, but I couldn't stop it myself.

Goshh.... gotta watch what comes out from me next time. Quickly distracted him with this CD story book.


Rose said...

kids have good ears and they catch words very fast!!

mom2ashley said...

LOL! better becareful next time :P

Sasha said...

aiyoh tiu lor.... dun say it in front of yr kid. hahahhahaha

NomadicMom said...

Waliow...you have a young learner there!!