Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gold Diggers

I have just witnessed a couple of gold diggers, in flesh!

Was at work two nights ago, and two ladies in their late twenties, with a baby in tow, came in for prescription. An old man, looking kinda dumb, walked in straight to the pay counter and asked What can I buy for $10? My colleague was confused, and asked him What do you need? A present? He repeated the same question.

So she said Well, we have these soaps here, and they smell very nice.

How much is it?

They're $4.00 each.

Man randomly took one and bought it. He walked straight to the two ladies, where I expected trouble, because I thought he didn't know them. Then the story slowly unfolded. He seemed to know them, and passed one of them the soap. A walked over to the perfume cabinet and requested to test out some perfumes. Meanwhile, B was browsing at the offer bin. A few minutes later, old man walked up to pay counter and paid for two items from the offer bin, which cost about $11.00

B was right beside him when he paid for it, with another bottle of Paris Hilton perfume in her hand, saying Wait, she (referring to A) is still looking at the perfumes.

Man mumbled something and walked straight out with his purchase. It occurred to me that the $11.00 items he bought was B's (some baby stuff). B asked me how much was the bottle of Paris Hilton, and after discount it was $60.00

came to the counter with a very expensive bottle of Marc Jacob's Daisy. They conversed in their own language, and then A asked Did he just walk out like that?

When her prescription was done, she paid for it but told us she would have to cancel the perfume.

Hah! Old man not so dumb after all! Good on him! And shame on those women!

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