Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's in the name?

Some preppies in Aidan's school have cute, or rather, funny names. To me, at least, they are.

There are children from all around the world, which is really nice, but I must admit Chinese have weird names for themselves, and their kids. Before I go on with a list of names, I remember when I was working in Hong Kong, my ex-colleague's name was Arrow. Then we have a customer by the name of Buffalo Wong. Apple is not a unique name anymore as it once was. Probably Orange or Pomelo may fare better.

In Aiidan's class, we have a girl with a nice name, but her mother's name is Rainbow. I wonder if that is really the name in her passport. Another dad, his name is Fau zi. Space intended. Surname like my hubby's. Lucky thing son sounds fine, Iverson.

And Aidan's other friends, are Star and Jade. No, Jade is ok, really, but to me, only if it is for a girl.

And to think you've heard it all.

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chanelwong said...

some people want to have a unique and different name than others...

some unique name does sound ok but not all lor...