Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boh utang liao! Woohoo!

My hutang for hawa dingin sudah jelas.

Leganya. Not that it was much every month, but now at least I am debt free. One less, that is. Bleh. So now I can start paying more for my lasik. Should I change it then, to PenganjurOperasiMataI? Buahahahahhahaaah!!

When I called up the bank to close account for that, (had to open a credit account for it), they kept telling me to keep it, or switch my current card to theirs, interest free for 6 months. Aparah, I don't ever have to pay for annual fee for this card, so why should I switch to theirs which charge wor, right?

But at last, I celebrated the occasion by cutting up the hawa dingin credit card to pieces. Yeay! Not that I have ever used it. But at least this is one problem less. No more thinking about it. Gone. Kapish.

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