Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter All

Hope you didn't stuff yourself with chocolates like me.

As it turned out to be, Easter break wasn't all play. No, I didn't work as I took Easter Friday and Sunday off, but the house needs to be spick and span as always. Plus, it was time for me to try out my new toys :)

My spanking brand new steam mop and my second-hand Dyson. Deadly combination for dust and grimes on hard floor. Whoa, I like!

On Easter Friday, we went to Sovereign Hill with two other families. Beautiful day to be out. This was my third time there, but Aidan's first. Hopefully we won't have to go again in another three years, at least. I mean, there is only so many times we can visit to one single place, right?

Aidan's got a kick out of holding the officer's sword.

Had my first steamboat for the year on Saturday. My place.

And my second steamboat the next night at friend's place. In the garage. So cool, can eat and play ping pong at the same time. Work off those food!

Will be having a third one at the end of the month at another friend's place. Three in a month! Will need barley water, chrysanthemum tea, lor hon kor, whatever there is to kill the 'heatiness'. I know I have it when my gums feel funny.

Darn holidays. All eat and no gym.


jazzmint said...

whoa..that cleaner is sure a giant!!

Yogurt Franchises said...

It looks like you had a fun time this past weekend. I had a bit of fun too. Holidays are always a nice welcome. I cannot wait til the next one.

NomadicMom said...

Mmmm...Yum Yum. SteamBoat!! I bought some SUKI sauce this afternoon. Can't wait to have steamboat this weekend!!