Thursday, April 09, 2009

I possibly saved two lives yesterday

It was a total surprising flashback.

Just months ago I hit a dog. I never quite got over it. Every time when I passed by the house I had to look its way, but I have never seen a soul coming out or going in. Have they moved?

Yesterday, I thought it was unusual when I saw a dog running around our compound. A minute later I saw it dashing around the front yard. It couldn't be right. Every dog in Australia has a owner. No strays. Or at least the area I live in. It has a red collar anyway. I walked out barefoot and checked it out.

Saw it, running along the pathway, up and down, with no human in sight. I beckoned to it and it came straight to me. I was a little afraid at first, who knows it might bite. But it looked friendly enough, and let me pet. Same time, I was looking to my left, and there was another one! This one looked like an older dog, and it walked cautiously towards me. Hell yeah! I was cautious too! It might just really bite me! To my relief, it was friendly too. It must have 'smelt' the trust in the younger one and of course, the dog lover in me, heh.

I ushered them further into my front yard as I was afraid they might run out the main street. The younger one was trying to make a dash before I called up to it. Dashed into the house I did, and got the phone. Aidan was sobbing. I knew he was terrified of dogs and he realized I was missing from the house and saw me outside with not one, but TWO! BIG ones too! Had to comfort him and told him that the dogs lost their mummy, and I had to help find her.

I called the city council since the older one had a few tags. Meantime, I got them into my backyard, didn't want them to run off. Very playful, both wrestled around me and I got stomped at. Sharp nails, copped a bruise, haiizz... Council managed to locate the owner but couldn't get in touch with them. I would have loved to keep them for the day till the owner is found, but I promised Aidan to bring him to the park, plus he got very upset about the whole thing, so I told them I couldn't keep the dogs in for long.

Minutes later, they sent for the pound (RSPCA) and took them away. I hope they are fine and the owner got them back. Just don't 'machar' me for having to spend possibly a couple of hundreds just to get them back.

Mother and son, kut? Taken from Aidan's room. He said not to let the dogs into his room!

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